HFM Council Announcement: New Youth Clubhouse

clubhouseThe Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) awarded funding to the HFM Prevention Council to operate a Youth Clubhouse for adolescents and young adults who are in recovery from addiction or who are looking to maintain a drug free lifestyle. Our Clubhouse, which is one of seven funded by OASAS, will be located at 303 East Main Street in Amsterdam.  Our Clubhouse will be called the Creative Arts Clubhouse.

The Prevention Council will partner with community groups and organizations to provide services which will assist youth and young adults in developing social skills to promote long-term health, wellness, recovery, and a drug-free lifestyle.  The Clubhouse will separately serve two age groups; 12 to 18 years during the after school hours, and young adults in the evening hours. A focus will also be placed on engaging and helping the families of our Clubhouse members. Programs will be peer-driven, meaning that the Clubhouse will offer activities in which the young people express interest. Basic assistance will be offered to young people needing help with food, housing, education, and employment. Activities may include sober social events, music, dancing, art projects, cooking, basketball, and softball. Recovery-oriented services may include Young People in Recovery support groups, AA and NA support groups, forming a Friends of Recovery- New York Chapter, Recovery Coaches and Family Peer Navigators.

A firm timeline for the Clubhouse has not yet been established, but we envision being operational sometime in the summer of 2016. We are excited and anxious to begin this journey to provide valuable assistance to youth who are in recovery or who are at risk of substance use!! Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.