NCADD-RA Celebrates 70 years of service in Rochester/Monroe County

DePaul’s National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Rochester Area

On May 25, 2016 at the Double Tree Inn by Hilton 150 professionals, community leaders, and coalition members joined NCADD-RA in celebrating the Councils 70 years of service.

NCADD-RA formed in the spring of 1946 as the Committee for Education on Alcoholism, affiliated with NCADD, Inc. and in July of 1946 opened as an alcoholism information center. At the luncheon, a brief overview of the Council’s Year in Review and successes was presented by Director Jennifer Faringer. This was followed by two inspirational keynote presentations given by Charles Morgan, M.D. (Acting Medical Director of the NYS OASAS and Medical Director of JL Norris) and by Robert Lindsey, CEO of Friends of Recovery NYS.

NCADD-RA Annual Luncheon,keynotes with JF

Pictured in photo left to right -Robert Lindsey, CEO Friends of Recovery NYS, Jennifer Faringer, Director NCADD-RA, Charles Morgan, MD, Acting Medical Director of NYS OASAS

CANYS w OASAS Commish June 3 2016

Photo of CANYS Directors with NYS OASAS Commission Arlene Sanchez-Gomez at June 3, 2016 CANYS Membership meeting in Albany.